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Kaiyang in SW China's Guizhou spurs tourism industry development via Internet plus strategy

Updated: 2019-08-13


The local government in Kaiyang County, southwest China's Guizhou Province, holds a press conference on August 9 to mark the launch of an online platform that will promote rural revitalization through the Shuidong Village Housing scheme and the use of big data technology to develop rural tourism.

The county of Kaiyang in southwest China's Guizhou Province officially launched an online platform that will encourage rural revitalization through the Shuidong Village Housing scheme and the use of big data technology to develop of rural tourism at a press conference on August 9.

The newly released mobile platform, "Internet plus Village Housing", consists of three mobile apps, which are each targeted at specific audiences: potential visitors, investors and local farmers.

The app designed for tourists covers local existing tourism resources and products and has been able to help visitors to Kaiyang with dining, accommodation, outings, recreation and shopping. The mobile apps for investors and farmers have enabled them to share the information related to room reservations and the other demands of visitors, and to divide relevant earnings in the process.

The Shuidong Village Housing scheme was developed by Guizhou Shuidong Village Housing Tourism Co. and is intended to commercially turn vacant houses in local rural areas into home-stay hotels.

According to local government, the mobile platform's target population is mainly investors from the Shuidong Village Housing scheme, urbanites and visitors. It aims to further popularize the scheme through online and offline channels, work together with local farmers to create sightseeing activities that will show off rural life, enlarge the market of se-enriched agricultural products, help urban visitors have a beautiful experience during their tour to the county, and build new momentum for the development of local tourism industry.

Zhang Yong, vice-magistrate of Kaiyang, said in an interview that the online platform will further improve the development of tourism programs operated under the Shuidong Village Housing scheme and open a new window for people from other places to learn more about its culture, tourism and commerce.

Zhang added that the county will give priority to the growth of its tourism industry, especially its home-stay businesses, and make full use of Internet-based channels, the development of rural tourism, and the cultivation of agricultural brands in an effort to lift more people out of poverty in the future.

Fang Yuming, chairperson of the Kaiyang County Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), explained that the county has already formulated a collection of favorable policies and supporting measures. Among these measures are administrative approval, infrastructure construction, and public services to further accelerate the development of the Shuidong Village Housing scheme and rural revitalization.

Those present at the press conference included Zhou Qiong, member of the Standing Committee and head of the Publicity Department of the Kaiyang County Committee of the Communist Party of China; Duan Honglian, vice-magistrate of Kaiyang; Zhang Huaihui, vice-chairperson of the Kaiyang County Committee of the CPPCC; new reporters from 24 media organizations, and representatives of local government departments.


Local officials at the press conference 

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